Harry & Hera

» I remember talking with Hera just over the internet – she confirmed our meeting while

she was working in another country. We scheduled the meet-up and there I asked 

the couple to tell about how they met (it was in their church), about their relationship

(it’s a long distance) and about their dream wedding (a garden wedding in Intramuros). 

All of those were almost a year ago and now we’re done with their engagement 

photoshoot already and the wedding’s happening in just a few days. I can just imagine the excitement

of these two and I’m happy that their happily ever after is already coming true! We are also

going to document the first kiss which the two saved for each other on their most special day.  

Congrats in advance to our lovely couple, Hera and Harry. See you again soon!


Photos: Ivy Palomares Photography